Let me talk about what has been the norm for the past decade or so; a norm that you have been born in to and is being shattered by a new way of thinking, acting, and working. This norm has allowed millions of people to have a steady income, buy a home, and develop amazing credit. This all began with the rise of corporations bringing millions of jobs to America: jobs that would eventually become careers and steady pay monthly. Do you know where I am going with this one?

Well, with new knowledge comes new opportunities and the past 10 years we have seen an increase of both! People have moved away from the ideology that the only way to make an income is through a steady 9-5 paycheck to embracing a new method of meeting their financial means. With that said, you may be kept in the dark from the plethora of opportunities out in the world that allow you to stop trading your time for money, and instead develop a steady stream of income. I am here to turn the light on!

The Opportunity:


Now, when people hear the words “steady stream of income” they are quick to judge or create excuses. I was! However, why is it that millions of other people are doing it and you are not? One word! Knowledge. Knowledge is the bridge between you working at your current job and you opening yourself up to more freedom and financial benefits. This opportunity is affiliate marketing and every blogger, vlogger, YouTuber, and practically anyone with a little bit of knowledge is jumping on the bandwagon.

What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a fancy way of saying, “I am recommending this product and if someone buys it, I receive a commission for helping.”

Now, if you need more example think of any celebrity, reality star, singer, that has ever lived. In any commercial, book, magazine cover that that person has shared a product or service with you as their “favorite” or “top” pick is actually affiliated with them. When an actress accepts the proposal to star in a shampoo commercial, they are being paid for it because the company knows that the millions of people that adore that celebrity might consider purchasing the product because their name is attached.

The same goes with you!

You could say, “Well I am a nobody so how can I even make money from this?” Well, there are plenty of ways and one of the simplest is by starting a blog, video series, or website. Basically, you are leading buyers to a product you love and, in turn, you are receiving a percentage of it!

This percentage is only increased as the amount of people that buy from you increase.

“You said, buy from you.” Not directly from you, but from your recommended “link.” This is a customized link with a code only recognized by you that your affiliate company provides. Then monthly, you receive a check in the mail (or depending on the affiliate company).

Sounds Too Good To Be True But It Is Not:

By now in 2017, you have most likely heard of the “Millennial Movement.” This is a movement of young entrepreneurs that promote the idea of quitting the 9-5 routine and moving towards a steady stream of income that will enhance your time and quality of time. Basically, they are all guided by the same intention: to live freely and have fun while doing it. One of the main ways that thousands of people are doing this is through affiliate marketing!

With this in mind, let us take a look at 100 years ago. Just 100 years we began a movement towards a more corporate way of life. People went from farming to working in factories to working in offices. Now, that office can be your home with affiliate marketing on your side. From your home, you can make the income you need, and plenty more. From your home, you can create the life you desire and deserve and more! This movement is why affiliate marketing is better than your next pay raise. With affiliate marketing, you chose your pay raise!

2 of The Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms and Programs


Many of the programs below offer plenty of knowledge, free courses, or are simple enough to set up in just one day. The key is having a website, and you can set that up in a day as well. For example, with the Six Figure Mentor program you will receive full access to the Digital Business Lounge, which will give you plenty of information on building a website as well as free abilities to do so. For more information on the Six Figure Mentor program, please continue reading!

  1. Six Figure Mentor

In my opinion, this affiliate program is by far 2017’s best affiliate program to date. With full training videos, and plenty of resources this program is dedicated for people wanting to make a full income from an online business. You have the opportunity to make up to 5 figures per sale and a steady stream of income, if you follow their step by step algorithm and their guidelines – guidelines you will receive among membership. Their customer portal, five-star service and resources make this program the most successful by far.

  1. Amazon Affiliate

You know the website Amazon right? Well, they offer an affiliate program and all you need is a website to sign up. Unlike the Six Figure Mentor, with Amazon you have to create your own website, pick your own host, and buy a template. Also, their commission rate is lower but, due to Amazon’s fame, it is easily one of the best and most popular affiliate programs. Most people will only buy a product from a trusted source and Amazon has built a trusted relationship with millions of people. Why not get paid to share your opinion with people looking for the same product?

Also, I would like to point out that, if you end up signing up for one of Six Figure Mentor’s membership, you may use their tools to market and sell Amazon Affiliated products as well. With that being said, here are a few other reputable affiliate programs worth mentioning:

  1. AWeber
  2. Get Response
  3. Shopify
  4. Share-A-Sale
  5. WPEngine
  6. Leadpages

The resistance towards beginning a new path may be due to the fact that working for someone else has become your norm. Why not begin paving the path towards working for yourself? With the many resources available right now at the touch of a button and in the palm of hand, all you have to do is become knowledgeable enough to take the first step. Are you willing to take it? A steady stream of income is only a few clicks away!

For more information on launching your own digital business in the affiliate marketing field, please check out this complimentary video series full of information on affiliate marketing and starting your own business. Before I finish the article, I thought I would give you a few of my personal favorite books on affiliate marketing. These books have been highly praised by numerous digital marketers, including myself. Just a hint, if you happen to sign up for the FREE 30-DAY Amazon Kindle Trial, you can snag a few of these books FREE for 30 days!

Check out these Three Books on Affiliate Programs:

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