When you are trying to start your first online business, it’s one of the most exciting experiences in the world. The thought of creating your own company, making your own money, and becoming your own boss is pure bliss. However, during my experience of starting an online business, there is one thing that I realized I needed to work on:


Reason being, when you are starting your online business and not yet generating any sort of revenue, you will need to know how to stay motivated and focused on your ultimate goal: financial freedom. With that being said, I am going to give you a few tips and tricks that have helped me stay focused along the way.

Plan in Advance


When I first started my online business, I studied all of the greatest in the industry. I would read book upon book until I felt like I was fully grasping what I wanted to learn. One of the most important lessons that I learned was that almost every single successful individual always creates a plan or schedule in advance. In other words, I will take the intentional time to develop a schedule the night before, knowing precisely what to expect from tomorrow. I can guarantee if you begin building the habit of creating a schedule in advance, you will find yourself more focused when you wake up each morning.



Many times the reason people lack focus is from a lack of a proper routine. Routines are important for creating some formal structure in your life. What I advise you to do is develop a morning routine that resonates with you. This is how a regular morning routine works for me:

Wake up with gratitude.

Morning Cup of Coffee.



Write Gratitude List

By the time I begin writing my gratitude list, I am excited and prepared for my day. It makes it that much easier to stay focused while I am working and intuitively know what’s next.


Quiet Work Space

Do you know how powerful quiet is? It’s one of the single greatest times to work on your online business. I firmly believe you should find time through-out your day to work in quiet uninterrupted work space, this includes, music, TV, and other people. Now, it’s essential to only work in quiet space when your energy is high and flowing


Time Limits


If you are struggling with accomplishing tasks through-out your day, you might want to develop a proper time-management schedule. To do this, start creating time limits on your to-do list. This will take some time to adjust and you will need to hold yourself accountable for each task. There will be moments where, if you don’t finish a task, you will want to keep going, no matter how close you are to finishing. However, if you are able to develop a proper time-management schedule, you will realize that all of your tasks will suddenly get accomplished during the time limits you created.



This is quite and ironic step to staying focused, but it works, when done effectively. If you are planning on becoming a successful digital entrepreneur, you must take breaks. When you are developing your schedule for the next day, make sure to put a few breaks in-between activities. Reason being, this is the time when you can relax your mind and body, and guess what? It’s the perfect time to generate new creativity and new ideas that could transform your business. Some of the greatest and most successful people in the world have mentioned the importance of taking breaks.


Gauge Yourself

This is one of the most important steps that so many people who want to create a laptop life don’t understand. When you are creating an online business, you must have an understanding of your body and when it’s communicating with you. You must be able to gauge your energy and know whether or not an activity is best-suited to be done now, later, or tomorrow. Once you can master knowing your energy levels, you can properly prioritize your tasks, placing your high energy moments on your most important tasks.



When you are starting your online business, you are essentially placing yourself outside of your comfort zone. To be successful, you must follow this momentum wholeheartedly. What I mean is, people naturally sit in a comfy chair when developing their online business. I can tell you from personal experience, this is true. Now, today, many entrepreneurs are actually moving away from the traditional “sitting in my office chair” environment to a standing environment. This removes the sedentary aspect of working and creates a more active experience.



Phew, I can NOT stress this notion enough. If you are lacking organization, you can better believe you will lack focus. Organization is sort-of the crutch to staying on-top of an extensive to-do list, goals, personal life, work life, personal finances, and so much more. So, I highly recommend taking the time to get organized with your entire life. The organization that you do should bleed into your online business, creating a clear, concise, and organized environment from your desk, website, and even folders on your computer.


Weekly Goals


Alongside organization, if you are not creating weekly or monthly goals, let me ask you a simple question: what are you working towards? This is why it’s so important to establish reasonable goals. These goals will keep you focused on the bigger picture while accomplishing the tasks needed to get there. Not only this but weekly goals can make something that seems impossible seem more than possible. If you are finding yourself struggling to stay focused, perhaps it starts here. Check out my other article on this topic where I discuss why online businesses sometimes fail, here!


Positive Attitude


My last tip towards staying focused with an online business is to have a positive attitude. One of the quickest ways to derail your business and sabotage your success is with a negative attitude. It has been proven time and time again in studies and books that a positive attitude is crucial for success in any endeavor. If you are interested, check out my other article on creating a successful mindset!

Focus and Success

Focus is one of the most important ingredients to succeed in any part of life. If you plan on accomplishing even the smallest tasks, you need focus. If you want to drive a car from A to B, you need focus. If you want to eat your food without making a mess, you need focus. If you want to succeed at creating an online business, you need FOCUS. Take these 10 different ways and begin implementing them into your business and watch how your efficiency, effectiveness, and business take off.

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