When it comes to an online business, one of the best and most cost effective ways to market your company is through content writing and marketing. These are more technical terms for blog post or articles. Today, search engines have developed algorithms that can help online businesses gain traction and reach new heights with audiences. With that being said, as you begin your journey in the digital world, I highly suggest developing an effective content development plan, and that all begins with learning how to write a money making blog post.

Step #1: Goals and Objectives


Before you can begin writing a money making blog post, you must get clear right away. When I have an idea for a blog post, I immediately begin brainstorming the purpose and intention behind my blog. For example:

  • Is this blog going to be a central blog to my website?
  • Is this blog going to promote products with affiliate links?
  • How much money or traffic would I like to gain from this post?
  • What is the ultimate goal of this post?

If you are not focusing on what you want to attract from each blog post, you are not dedicated towards the bigger vision or goals. Regardless what your goal might be, once you have stablished the goal behind the post, you must see and know the success of the goal.

Step #2: What are you selling?


Now that you have a dedicated goal and objective for your money making blog post, the next step is to figure out what are you going to promote in order to earn income. Are you going to be using affiliate links or do you have specific products and programs to sell yourself? What you are promoting will dictate the direction of your blog post. If you are promoting a high-ticket affiliate product, you may want to consider developing an in-depth landing page or squeeze page for your audience members.

Step #3: Audience


I cannot stress the importance of step #3 enough – so, if you take anything away from this blog post, please remember this step. I don’t care if you can spend $100 or $1000 on paid advertising, if you have no idea who your audience is, your blog posts and marketing campaigns will never be effective. It’s of utter importance to take the time to develop your target audience and target market so you can effectively communicate with them. My best piece of advice is to create a clear picture of a single member of your target audience.  What do they look like?  Where to they hang out?  What are they interested in?  How do they talk?  Then, pretend as if you are having a one-on-one conversation with your audience member; write as if you were speaking directly to your target audience.

Step #4: Keywords


In one of my other posts, I talk at length about the importance of establishing keywords. When it comes to content marketing and development, you will need an effective list of frequently searched keywords and long-tail keyword phrases. Now, some people think that long-tail keywords don’t matter anymore after Google’s updates; however, this is not true. Keywords, no matter the type, are of utter importance for getting ranked and tracked on Google. So, if you want to create an income earning blog post, spend time thinking about and selecting keywords that will match your blog and your brand.

Step #5: Content Ideas


By the time you have reached step #5, you should already have a clear idea of the type of content ideas that your audience wants to read about. The goal is to create “viral” post ideas or blogs that your entire target audience would enjoy not only reading, but that they will want to share. If you need help when it comes to content ideas, always feel free to check out websites like buzzsumo. Furthermore, you can also look at social media and see what your target audience is talking about. If you want a hint on how to create a money making blog post, think of a problem that your audience is discussing and write a post that provides them with a solution.

Step #6: Visuals


Ironically, when it comes to blog posts, if you are not including intriguing visuals or compelling case studies, you can almost guarantee that your audience will not stay on your page for very long. Nowadays, it is crucial to include images, case-studies, graphics, or any visuals that will capture the attention of the readers. Visuals are not something that can be rushed either – you must take your time to find beautiful, high-quality and engaging images that are perfect for your target audience and align with the message of your post.

Step #7: Links + Monetization


The last step in creating a money-making blog post is incorporating the appropriate affiliate links and monetizing your post accordingly. Whether you are choosing Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, affiliate links, or hyperlinks to other sections of your website, you must give your readers direct access to where they can make a purchase, and you can earn the income. Without this step, your money-making post is simply just a great blog post. So, cleverly weave in your affiliate links and monetize your post so you can earn your income.

Learn More!

While this may have been a quick-guide on how to write a money-making blog post, I hope this encouraged you to adapt a new way of writing your blogs. If you are still unaware of how to effectively write a blog or how content-marketing works, I highly suggest to you sign up for this FREE 7-Day video course that will teach you everything you need to know on how you can begin to learn how to make money online today.