Your website domain may be, single-handedly, the most important part of your website. Without it, you cannot have a website and without it, you cannot begin forming the presence that is your brand and business. With that said, a website domain is synonymous with your brand, it is how you will be presenting yourself to the world. What follows will be the branches to the root you have established. Although this process is somewhat simple, it is extremely important and education is key when trying to pick the perfect domain. Therefore, let’s discuss the best tips for you to pick your perfect domain.

Make It Unique

Your brand uniqueness is your avenue in which your website, business, or service will get noticed. It all begins with a name. If you think of the most lucrative companies in the world today, they all have an extremely unique name, simple but unique. This name, later becomes a staple for which the brand will remember the product or service. When you think of Apple, most people don’t think of the actual fruit anymore, they think of the world-wide billion dollar empire that is Apple Technology.

With that in mind, make sure your name is simple and not over extendedly unique, to the point that many people may not be able to pronounce it or spell it correctly. For example, when Flicker first begun it started as Flickr. The dropping of the e did not help the company and later on they had to purchase which would redirect people to


.COM is Your Friend

When it comes to building trust with your audience, .COM is the way to do it. You can use a 301-redirect to a .org or .net site, however, owning .com or the equivalent TLD for your target market country is the way to go. The reason for this is because .COM has build itself as the most legitimate of all TLDs. Many internet users are unaware of the many other TLDs available and in turn, do not click them. In retrospect, many internet users as well ARE aware of TLDs and do not use them for fear of it containing sensitive material, spam, or other harmful viruses. Always go .COM and if you need to, redirect!


Easy To Type

Do you really want to type, “” vs. “”? Once again, your name is the way in which brands will recognize you, therefore don’t make it difficult for people to find you. Simplicity is better. When in doubt, come up with different variations of the name you want and test it out. Ask for opinions, type it yourself, come up with slogans, and most importantly, check SEO.


Keywords Are Key

The importance of keywords cannot be stressed enough. Keywords will be the way in which domain registries and websites like Google and Yahoo will recognize you. Not always will your website domain have your keyword within it, but always your website will have to include your keyword, which is one of the way you become recognizable to people. However, if you can combine the two to make a winning combination, your website will surely reach success if the proper steps are taken. The best way to begin is to simply brainstorm possible keywords and best of all, search them up. Search what comes up when you search for your keyword. You can actually download certain programs that help you track how many monthly search up for that keyword, and when building a brand, these statistics can help you get the best possible reach.


Make It Memorable

If you say, “Starbucks”, “Tesla” or “Vitamin Water” to any person, 99% of the time they will most likely know that brand. Now, yes this does take brand building and reaching massive success but the point is that there brands have become memorable. You too have to envision your business at that scale and think of your brand in terms of how people will remember it. This does not only take a memorable and catchy name, it takes the art of building a brand that is synonymous. The dance begins with the first step – picking your domain name!


Don’t Decide On Trends

When on the high of certain trending topics, it is very likely you will rush to come up with brilliant ideas. However, trends don’t always last. It is vital that you decide your website domain based on substance, something you are passionate about that you feel could pass the test of time. Trends don’t last, they fade, and surely, you do not want your brand to do the same.

Therefore, if you are passionate about makeup, decide on a broader approach then something so specific as seasonal or trending. With this, when new trends come up, you can cover them.


Domain Selection Tool

Lastly, domain name normally tend to come in either the spurt of the moment or by chasing inspiration. If you are inspired by a product, a style, way of life, or a passion, marinate the idea in your head for a while until the ideal domain name comes to you. Then see if is already owned, or if it is meant to be yours. However, at times the name does not come so suddenly and many people have used domain selection tools. These tools serve as a way for you to come to a conclusion, or at least receive a bit of help.

Your Website Is Waiting For You

With all of this in mind, choosing your perfect domain is not that difficult. Once you have done so, begin the process of creating a well-thought out brand that has a clear service, intention and dedication. Your name is the basis for which you will be building your band, the meat comes after.


  1. Create a slogan with your brand.
  2. Have a clear service or product you are mastering.
  3. Pick a color palate for your website.
  4. Pick a responsive template for great customer response.
  5. Have a featured section.
  6. Invest in your brand.
  7. Come up with a marketing strategy.
  8. Interact with your brand’s audience.
  9. Build a social media strategy.
  10. Enjoy the process.