In the past few years, content marketing and search engine optimization have completely changed and altered the way online marketing works. Reason being, much of this has been become data driven and formulated in specific algorithms, which then ends up creating a prioritize list of keywords for marketers to target. On top of all of this, the competition in the digital market field has significantly grown, making it even more challenging.

So, for some people, they may think it’s quite difficult to get ranked or create ranked content if you are dealing with competitive keywords. I am here to tell you that search engine optimization is stronger than ever and all that you need is patience, practice, and a dash of dedication. Here are some tips and tricks to create ranked content with competitive keywords.

Keyword Analysis

The first step to creating ranked content all starts with your keyword analysis. It’s imperative that, when utilizing your keyword search tool, to take duel notes of keyword’s search volume and what the current competition looks like. These metrics are vital tools for digital marketers and presents a wealth of information.

If you are finding keywords that have great search volume, this is key sign that the field is competitive. Through taking this to the next level and analyzing the competition, it will help you understand precisely what you are getting into and how long it might take to get ranked. Most keyword tools in my experience, like Jaaxy, offer advice and suggest whether or not a field is too competitive or not. The goal to creating any ranked content is to find a market that has a decent amount of search volume with a low to fair amount of competition.

Competition Analysis

After you have selected your potential keyword, the next step before you can even write a piece of content is more research. I highly suggest taking the time to study exactly how your competitors have gotten ranked so far. This entails taking the time to look at their content, the similarities between your vision and theirs, titles, meta descriptions, and even their chosen relative keywords. This type of research can prove to be very effective and help you on your journey towards getting ranked. After doing a competition analysis, you can create self-expectations and move on to the next step.

Content Creation

To get ranked, you are going to need content, lots of it. Now, I want to encourage you to focus on creating content that speaks to you. Many times, people force content that does not seem natural nor contains any quality. So, when you are building your website and trying to get ranked, focused on writing articles that you thoroughly enjoy. Every single article that you type should have some purpose, offer some solution, and have some meaning to it.

Now, when it comes to creating your content creation plan, I urge you to think more about different types of content you can create, not just blogs or articles. Perhaps videos, infographics, or a podcast would speak to your target audience. By developing content in many different ways utilizing your chosen keywords, you are beginning the journey of getting ranked.

Publishing Relevant Content

This is a step that is often lost and many digital marketers fail to get ranked because of it. Once you are done creating content, search engines want to see relevant internal links on your pages and posts. I always suggest to look at your website like a pyramid. Pick one significant post or page to be at the top of the pyramid. That one post should contain links to every single post or page underneath it and every single post or page underneath should refer back to the top of the pyramid. This will significantly help with getting content ranked.


The last step to learning how to create ranking content is mastering external backlinks. If you are planning on writing content and hoping that SEO works for your website, you are choosing a very difficult route. To get your content ranked, you need find a way to promote your content in unique ways that search engines can notice. This can be done through earning external backlinks to your page or website.

External backlinks are essentially getting your website name posted on another prominent website. You can do this through multiple means like the skyscraper method, signing up for multiple web directories, reaching out to your competition and commenting on their posts, and so much more! When it comes to backlinking, the means are endless; however, it takes patient, practice, and dedication. Look out for more articles on my blog about backlinking in the future!

Your Turn

When it comes to content marketing, it can appear to be more challenging than it looks. However, if you take the time and apply the dedication, you will notice significant results. Don’t focus on creating 100 pieces of content for your website, focus on creating high-quality and meaningful pieces that you enjoy writing. Also, don’t rush the process. I can stress out important it is to be patient and understand that this stuff takes time! Research your keywords, study your competition, write high-quality content, learn to promote and backlink, and you will see that now, it’s your turn.