I firmly believe that the first few things you do in the morning will set the tone for the entire day. If you are not taking the time to create or plan-out a successful and happy day, you can guarantee that chaos will ensue. In my opinion, if you are not taking the time to appreciate the morning, it’s impossible to appreciate the entire day. Chances are, if you are missing the morning, you are missing the afternoon and evening. I mean, there is a reason why almost every single successful man or woman has an established morning routine – it’s a phenomenon that is the driving force behind a successful day. Here are the five things I do every morning before I brace the world.



This year, I read one of the best books I have read in my life time – and I have read a vast amount of books – it’s called the Gratitude Diaries by Janis Kaplan. In this book, she teaches the reader about her life experiences wielding the power of Gratitude. Through adapting an attitude of gratitude and making this a primary way of being, it can transform your life. In the morning, every day, I wake up in a pure state of gratitude and express my gratitude for the beauty of life itself. The fact that I am able to wake up every morning with my health on two feet, working arms and hands, and breathing fresh air, it’s overwhelmingly beautiful and I am grateful for that.  This does not take into account my life, my family, my career, or anything of that nature. There is so much to be grateful for that expressing gratitudes in the morning take priority and a large portion of my routine.

Quality Reading Time


If you are new to my website, you should know that I am huge advocate of reading quality books. There is a reason why anyone who has ever become successful discusses how important it is to read each day. With that being said, one thing that I do every morning is take 30 minutes to sit with a book filled with meaning and purpose over a delicious cup of lemon water. During my reading time, I will take the time to ponder what I have read on the page and relate it to my own life. In my opinion, there is a lesson in any book that I read and I want to insure I withdraw all the information the author poured into it.

Exercise and Stretch


If there is one thing that I do every morning aside from gratitudes that really puts my day into the successful lane is exercising and stretching. After sleeping for 7 or 8 hours, one of the best feelings in the world is doing some basic stretches and working out. On top of this, I get excited to work out in the morning where I can watch the sunset and feel as if I am starting my day out on the right foot. The best part about exercising and stretching is that it is the perfect parlay from being grateful for a working and healthy body – to express it through exercise is very empowering.



One of the last things that I will do to jump start a successful day is purposefully setting aside quite time to visualize and create my day. I am a firm believer in the power of visualization and, again, you can ask anyone who has ever become successful and they will discuss the power of visualization. What this means is taking the time to sit with yourself quietly with your eyes shut and see your goals, dreams, and day in your mind happening according to your desires as if it is already happening. If I know I have a big meeting or a future event coming up, I will take the time to visualize a successful and productive meeting or event. This power is endless and can be used in so many ways in life.



The last thing that I will do before I experience my successful day is write. After I have read, visualized, worked out, and expressed my gratitudes for the day, I feel that it is important to write and set my intention with words for my day and get clear about my personal desires on life. For some people, they feel it’s silly to write; however, for me, I think it’s one of the most beneficial tools that successful people have. Not only can I write down my intention for the day, I can plan out my schedule, goals, to-do lists, or even focus on writing down what I wish to manifest for the day. If I read something in particular that has stuck with me, I will write down what I remember and have a written discussion about why that part is important to me. All of this is a part of personal development and I believe everyone should do this to grow into the best version of themselves.

A Successful Day

If you are struggling each day, finding fault, or stressing over future events, it could mean that you need to create some routine in structure in your life. One of the best ways to do this is to create a morning routine where you can make it your dominate intention to work on yourself and to live a successful day, each day. You see, you have a choice in life: you can either run the day or the day can run you. The choice is truly yours. If you want to run the day, you must wake up in the morning with the energy to create and intend on a successful day. In this article, you learn 5 different ways that I use to create a successful day.