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Do I get customer service and support?
Yes. Once you register and select a membership, you will unlock access to a personal business coach that will help you along the way. You may also use email, online chat, and a support center for other support needs.
What can I do after my digital training from Six Figure Mentors?
Upon completion of the training, you unveil a world of new opportunities that were never once available to you. With the knowledge taught through the training, you can begin to market anything on the internet and make money while doing it. The reality is, after you finish the training, you are opening a brand new door leading to financial freedom.
How old I have to be?
You must be at least 18 years or older.
How does Six Figure Mentor handle paying commissions?
You will receive your comission every month through either a bank transfer or PayPal. This options will become available to you once you register.
What will it cost me to participate in SFM?
The cost to participate in SFM will depend upon the type of membership that you choose. You will have to become very clear about the type of success and goals you wish to accomplish. A safe estimate is a reccomended $3000 to begin and an initial $500 per month. The cost is entirely dependent on you.
Am I signing any contracts?
There is no contact that you must sign. You are provided a 30-day guarantee once you register as an Essential Member. All rules and regulations will be strictly stated upon signing up for your membership.
What is my realtionship with the SFM organization?
I am an accredited affiliate with the Six Figure Mentors. I have been in your position before and found myself in a brand new world after joining the SFM community.

*Individual results may vary. There are no garantteed results with the help of the training and business systems mentioned on this website. Any products mentioned are for educational use only. The testiomonials serve only to inspire and do not guaraentee the same results. There may be participates who will not earn income from any products mentioned on this website. Results will depend upon personal effort, determination, learning capacity, and work.